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Confirmation is such an important part of a child’s life and vital to his/her life as a Christian. We have developed a revised Confirmation programme which emphasises the gifts the Holy Spirit brings and helps the students to see the Spirit working in their own lives, enabling them to actively participate in the sacrament of Confirmation.

The Confirmation retreat day is divided into various modules, each aiming to capture the imagination, creatively engaging the students through the use of:

Art – Music – Meditation – Prayer – Nature – Group reflection and discussion

Please download our Confirmation brochure here Confirmation Retreat Brochure


Time spent in Secondary school is an important stage of growth in a young person’s life and faith journey. Here in Mount St. Anne’s, we have developed and revised our Secondary School retreat programme in order to creatively engage and capture the students imagination. We use various modes of reflection and discussion which incorporate art, meditation, music and prayer, with the aim of nurturing faith and hope within our young people. We recognise the uniqueness of each student and we strive to enable him/her to be aware of God’s unconditional love. Together we try to develop gospel values of understanding and compassion.

Each member of the retreat team works with the sincere intention of making the day relevant and meaningful for every student. We have developed extremely relevant themes for each school year, including: transition/new beginnings, the authentic self and the journey of life.

Please download our Second-Level brochure here 

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