At Mount St. Anne’s, in the lovely heartlands of Ireland, we are offering Sabbatical Programmes which will give participants an opportunity to reflect on their life journey, to be refreshed by new experiences and to be renewed by a variety of perspectives presented to them.

During our four-week programme, participants will be invited to deepen their connection with the spiritual, cognitive and affective selves through diverse experiences.   Through a rhythm of a well-structured programme, ritual, daily prayer and liturgy, participants may be both affirmed and challenged.

The programme schedule offers time for orientation, reflection and celebration built around formal inputs by the Mount St. Anne’s Team and invited contributors as well as some trips/visits.

There will be 3 days per week of input on some of the following topics: Church & Ministry, Theology, Scripture, Personal Development, Faith Formation & Growth, Spirituality.

Upcoming Dates for 4 Week Sabbaticals in 2020:

18th October to 14th November, 2020  (Cancelled)



4 Week Sabbatical Programmes for 2021:

Monday 1st March to Easter Sunday 4th April 2021

Sunday 3rd October to Saturday 30th  October 2021


You are invited to contact:  Dr. Oonagh O’Brien by email to: or  by phone  +353(57)8626153

Fee: €3,900 (includes all meals, accommodation, tuition and field trips)


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